Under The Swing 2

Vinyl Queen adores foot worship and nothing is better than having a foot slave underneath her feet. Under The Swing 2 features VQ doing just that. She has a new slave to break in and she instructs him on how to adore her perfect feet. She has him worship her shoes and then take them off. VQ gags him with her foot and also smothers him as he touches her soles and toes with his tongue.

The vintage portion of this feature shoes Vinyl Queen in an early foot worship clip with one of her favorite slaves. Famous for his role in Whip Him Good, this slave also is an avid foot fetishist. VQ shows off her feet to him in a POV angle that gets you close to the action. She rewards him by allowing him to kiss her bottom. A more enthusiastic slave is hard to find!


When The Whip Comes Down 2

When The Whip Comes Down 2 features the return of Jon Juniper for another heavy whipping session with the Vinyl Queen. VQ utilizes single-tail whips for the majority of their time together. She doesn't let him have any warm up. VQ just starts whipping Jon's back with her bullwhips. In Vinyl Queen's usual style, she strikes her slave with relaxed authority while he screams in agony. The infamous "OWK" whip is not just an afterthought in this DVD. VQ uses it for many strikes to demonstrate to Jon how severe it can be.

After Jon has taken a thorough whipping to his back and buttocks, Vinyl Queen allows him to worship her boots. Jon sits at her feet and adores his Mistress as she relaxes after the intense beating,

Multiple camera angles are used through- out production to insure that the viewer sees not only Vinyl Queen whipping, but also Jon's reaction on both sides. If you like single-tail whips, you will love this DVD


Ball Kicking 101: A New Student

Vinyl Queen's apprentice is ready to continue her Domme training. Now it's time for her to learn about one of the more brutal aspects of CBT. Ball Kicking 101: A New Student is about Vinyl Queen teaching Ms. Callinea the finer points of ball-kicking. Things start off in a great leg POV angle that shows the floor perspective. Ms. Callinea learns how to kick safely in shoes and in bare feet. VQ guides her through each step, and demonstrates techniques along the way.

Ms. Callinea is a fast learner and she soon joins Vinyl Queen to torture and torment their victim. The two Dommes alternate between forcing him to worship their feet and kicking him in the testicles. The slave is VERY excited about all the action and begs for more. VQ makes sure to continue instructing her trainee along the way. Ms. Callinea evolves from a tentative first-timer to a confident kicker in a matter of minutes!


Pigs In A Poke

Pigs In A Poke features two VERY naughty piggies who are in need of discipline. Jon Juniper plays the first swine. He is a bad sissy who doesn't follow Vinyl Queen's instructions when she orders him to put on a pair of panties. His inability to accomplish this task infuriates VQ. She drags him into the dungeon and verbally and physically abuses him. Jon is beaten with a riding crop, led around on a leash, and eventually he
is forced to suck on a strap-on. Of course that is what he wanted all along, but VQ made him suffer before he could have his mouth full.

The second piggy is Vinyl Queen's beloved mucous. Mucous' birthday deserves a special celebration. He brought VQ a pig mask because he knows what he really is to her. VQ herds him into the dungeon and beats him soundly. Mucous responds in his usual manner of unabashed laughter. The harder Vinyl Queen hits, the more he laughs! Mucous suffers admirably for his Mistress and enjoys his birthday more than eve before!


Caught Under The Table


Caught Under The Table is the video description of what many foot fetishists dream about: crawling under a table to view beautiful feet. Carpet K*d does just that. He quietly enters the room and gets underneath the table where Vinyl Queen is working on her laptop. She is unaware of his presence as he looks at her feet, smells her shoes, and wiggles her toes. In his attempt to trade places with the foot rest she has, he alerts her to his presence. She is NOT happy about finding a stranger in her home, never mind under the table! The latter portion of the DVD has Carpet K*d restrained under the table as VQ lectures him and uses his face for her feet. Hot foot fantasy action!


Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full

Vinyl Queen and Mistress Shane meet up again for another exciting session in Antwerp. This time it's all about humiliation. Mistress Shane's slave is a filthy pig who needs lots of discipline. He is a dirty cock-sucker and must be punished. He is forced to worship each Mistress' boots,
as well as various dildos. VQ and Shane torture torture his nipples, beat him with a crop, and lead him around on a leash like the dog he is. His humiliation is complete when a sissy is brought in to witness him playing with himself. After the Mistresses are done using him, they send him on his way and begin to beat the sissy. Mistress Shane's slave is whipped without mercy. He is hit on his back and buttocks until he is red with welts. This sissy is a horny slut and begs for release, but the Mistresses won't allow it until he has suffered adequately. He is a very special sissy, though and can only achieve pleasure in a very unique way. Vinyl Queen has never seen this physical anomaly before. He is truly a slut! The Mistresses leave him in a heap and tell him to clean the dungeon as they walk away. Thus is his lot in life.


Blazing Paddles 3

Vinyl Queen continues the Blazing Paddles series with a new twist. Jon Juniper has been trying to quit smoking. VQ tried aversion therapy in Let Me Help you Quit, but it didn't seem to take. This time around, she uses corporal punishment while talking to Jon about why he is continuing to smoke. Vinyl Queen wears a stunning leather outfit, complete with black and white leather stiletto boots. She smokes a cigarette to tempt Jon while she beats him with paddles, straps and canes. Jon's behind is red and bloody when after VQ figures out that he needs a direct penalty for the number of cigarettes he smokes each day. As usual, Vinyl Queen doesn't hold back with her blows and does her classic baseball stance when using her largest paddle.

After VQ thinks Jon has had enough, she tries some reward therapy by allowing him to worship her leather boots. She figures that if he knows he has something to look forward to besides a beating, then he just might quit for good this time...But she doubts it!


Slingback Attack



As the name of this DVD implies, Slingback high heels are the main focus. Vinyl Queen meets up with Carpet K*d for another intense trampling session where there is NO escape. CK has his arms restrained to his sides as Vinyl Queen spares no mercy with her feet. She makes sure to do plenty of stomping and sinking her heels into his stomach. Multiple camera angles capture the action, and you even get to see the "view from below" as VQ tramples and looks down at her victim.


Have A Seat


Have A Seat is the second DVD that Mistress Shane and Vinyl Queen appeared in together. This project features both Ladies dominating one slave simultaneously. They take turns sitting on his face and restricting his air supply while the other tortures his nipples and steps on his cock. Shot on location in Antwerp, Belgium. This DVD demonstrates the sadistic chemistry between VQ and Mistress Shane.

A special bonus feature shows off Vinyl Queen bull-whipping one of her long-time slaves. No warm-up, no pretense--just hard back whipping as her slave endures for her.



Trampleguy & Friends


Trampleguy & Friends features three separate scenes of foot related fun. First Trampleguy suffers under the heels of Vinyl Queen and her friend Dylan. Both women walk over their rug and use his body for their amusement. Face-standing, cock-trampling, and high heel trampling abound!

The next scene features Vinyl Queen and The Human Floor. She tramples him in high heels and bare feet, then uses him as human furniture while he worships her feet.

The last scene showcases food and foot worship. VQ crushes fruit under her soles and toes while her slave laps hungrily at the mess. Something for every type of foot fetishist!


Panty hose For Two



Panty hose For Two continues the trend of Vinyl Queen featuring leg
wear fetishism in a non-dungeonsetting. VQ knows that she has many fans who enjoy the sight of panty-hose. She was given the opportunity to show off when she received a request for a custom video featuring shiny panty-hose. The result is hot, fetish engagement between a beautiful woman and a submissive who enjoys wearing panty hose himself. You’ll see Vinyl Queen tease and torment him with her feet, legs and behind. Front and rear face-sitting, and a full length angle showcase Vinyl Queen’s attire of a black thong, panty-hose, vinyl gloves and black bra.

If you’re into panty-hose, then don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to view Vinyl Queen as you’ve never seen her before!


Denise The Rubber Slut


Denise, the Rubber Slut was a loyal client of the Vinyl Queen for many years. Denise enjoyed having his visits documented on video. Now available on DVD, this session features Vinyl Queen and her assistant Bella. Latex fetishists will delight in the wardrobe and activities documented.

Denise has even brought his Venus 2000 for his personal debasement. VQ and Bella top off his humiliation by forcing him to consume the product of his pleasure. Hot humiliation for latex lovers!


Kick Me Harder Mistress 2


Vinyl Queen is mad as hell and she's not going to take it anymore! Well not quite, but she's pretty irritated in Kick Me Harder Mistress 2. VQ lures an offensive admirer to her studio for the need of severe correction. He has committed some unacceptable transgressions against Vinyl Queen's good name, and now it's time for him to be punished.

If you enjoy full-force ball-kicking in boots, then look no further. Vinyl Queen assaults her victim with brutal kicks until he crumples underneath her. She punctuates the action with creative verbal humiliation that stings almost as much as the blows to his testicles. When he has seen the error of his ways, VQ orders him to worship her boots. That is as close as he will ever get to her, and all he deserves.


Borrowed Slave: The Beginning


Borrowed Slave: The Beginning documents the first meeting between Vinyl Queen and slave alyssa. Her master contacted Vinyl Queen about witnessing a session where his slave submits to a Mistress. VQ is delighted at the prospect of training someone else’s property and she relishes every moment of discipline. This DVD doesn’t waste
time on any boring warm-ups, but cuts right to the action. Vinyl Queen marks up the slave’s bottom with canes, straps and her hand. This slave can take a lot and VQ is very pleased at what she endures for her Mistress.

When the corporal discipline ends, then it’s time for shoe, nylon and foot worship. slave alyssa sits at Vinyl Queen’s feet and is instructed in the methods of proper foot worship. VQ sits back on her throne and takes in each stroke of the slave’s tongue. Hot, close-up camera angles show alyssa doing as she’s told. Femme/femme action that shouldn’t be missed!


Carpet K*d's Trample Bed


What would you do if you had a bed that was perfect for trampling? You'd use it of course! Carpet K*d has an amazing four-posted bed that Vinyl Queen knows how to utilize. This DVD documents an encounter they had in his home. Plenty of full-weight, high heel trampling, as well as face-standing, neck crushing and the like.

When it's time for a different view, the pair move to the stairway for intense throat-crushing from a close-up angle. Fans of CK and VQ won't be disappointed as he takes it all for her!


Let Me Help You Quit


Vinyl Queen's slave has admitted to having a smoking addiction. He has agreed to go through "behavior modification" in order to try to kick the habit. He has no idea what he is in for!

VQ verbalizes every argument that most smokers use to justify why they don't quit. In order to show the fallacy of these points of view, she burns her slave's nipples and genitals repeatedly to make her point. Vinyl Queen seductively smokes as she talks about how nasty her slave's habit is.



Dumb Waiter


Dumb Waiter is now FINALLY available on DVD! This legendary trample video features Vinyl Queen in her trampling debut on camera. She is joined by Ms. Christina and Marcie. This brutal video has multiple camera angles, hard core trampling, and great audio quips. There is even a rare glimpse of Vinyl Queen genuinely angry. VQ prides herself on maintaining supreme self-control, but she ends up losing it at one point.

Extra features include previews of Ms. Christina's line of trampling DVDs.


Nylons, Heels & Nails: Vinyl Queen Then & Now


This DVD is a fetishist's dream come true. Metal-heeled stilettos, long fingernails, cascading dark hair, fully-fashioned nylons, and beautiful feet can all be found in one title. First shot back in 2002, Vinyl Queen treats her slave to an exploration of everything he enjoys. She torments his genitals with her stilettos, scratches him with her nails, and has him worship her feet. Plenty of close-ups show off VQ's best features as she engages in each activity.

The final scene shows a contemporary shoe and nylon worship segment. She has certainly come a long way since the early days of video content capture! Now she relaxes on a comfortable throne and subtly guides her slave to please her.


You Are Nothing



Vinyl Queen and Mistress Shane met for the first time in 2008. During VQ's visit to Antwerp, they shot a video and this is the result. Two sadists who genuinely enjoy BDSM are a dangerous force. Mistress Shane and Vinyl Queen brutally beat slave zero, and then humiliate him and the sissy who joins in afterward. Shane and VQ force them into a bisexual situation that is beyond belief. slave zero knew he was going to have to use his mouth, but the Ladies know that he never thought he'd have to use it on this location of a man!


Foot Fetish Therapy


Have you ever considered talking about your foot fetish with a therapist? What do you think she would say? What if she wanted to try "immersion therapy" by sticking her toes in your mouth?

This DVD is inspired by the gentleman starring opposite Vinyl Queen. He came up with the idea of a therapist who could get to the bottom of his anxiety attacks and how to help him relax. Of there is lots of hot foot worship action. Vinyl Queen does a very believable performance as an analytical therapist who also enjoys having her feet touched.


Double Pained Slaves


What does Vinyl Queen enjoy more than beating one slave? Why of course beating on TWO! Double-Pained Slaves features Vinyl Queen and two of her most masochistic slaves, appearing together for the first time. These two veterans of the whip and cane have suffered in previous titles such as Blazing Paddles 1 & 2, Pain Slut, and When The Whip Comes Down. VQ’s goal is to torment both slaves until SHE is satisfied that they have endured enough for her sadistic pleasure.

There isn’t any warm-up, or boring bondage to view before the good-stuff starts to happen. VQ gets right to work reddening both slaves’ bottoms. She quickly progresses through a wide range of implements including crops, paddles, straps, and single tail whips. Neither slave has a safe-word, so Vinyl Queen keeps the blows raining down at HER pace.



Under The Swing


Vinyl Queen and her slave james did a series of videos during the tenure of his service to her. Taped back in 2004, this DVD features one of their sessions at VQ's studio. james starts off under the swing with his balls secured to a chain--which is attached to the swing. Vinyl Queen sits on the swing and moves back and forth, tugging at her slave's genitals while he must worship her shoes and endure heels on his nipples. Then it's time for cock trampling and nylon worship. Vinyl Queen has james straddle a low pad where she steps on his cock and forces her foot into his mouth. She ends up rewarding him by spitting into his mouth while she holds the chain attached to his balls.